How to Make Sure Your Child Does Well at School?


Here are basic tips by Helene Goldnadel on how to facilitate your child's learning:

1) Be physically and mentally present

You cannot learn or remember what you don't really know. You should be encouraging your kids to attend school, be punctual and to pay attention. Your child will be missing a lot of topics if they are always absent or don't pay attention. When we listen, our brain processes the information and although not all of the facts that we hear are retained in our memory, there would always be some part of it that you can remember. Make sure that they can see the board and their teachers so they will be stimulated to listen attentively.

2) Emphasize Note taking

Make sure they write down notes and teach them how to keep their notes organized. Make sure they separate it according to subjects so they will not be lost and mixed up. Only take down important details, because otherwise they might become preoccupied with note taking instead of learning what is being taught. Lastly, make sure that they can read their notes, otherwise they will be useless.

3) Plan Ahead

Teach them to write all their assignments and projects and their deadlines. This way, they will be aware of what to do first and when to do it. There might be days when they've got nothing to do and sometimes they are very busy. Encourage them to do activities when they can and not wait for the deadlines. They may end up having no time to do all activities at the one time.

4) Learn the techniques

There are a few ways that will improve their memory retention such as mnemonics. Explore the different methods and find one that works for them.

5) Ask for Help

When they are really confused, encourage them to ask questions and get help from their teachers, older siblings and parents.

6) Sleep tight and Eat right

When you are in a well rested state, you will be able to learn so much easier. Taking a test with an empty stomach or with a very tired body and mental state is not recommended. They might be disturbed with other feelings due to fatigue or hunger and therefore cannot concentrate.

By following these simple tips by Helene Goldnadel, you will be quite confident that your child will definitely do well at school.

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